About My Practice


At this time, during the COVID-19 shelter in place order, Dr. Winograd has moved her practice online. If you are interested in making an appointment for a consultation for online therapy, please call the office to speak directly with Dr. Winograd. Once this public health crisis has resolved, appointments will be scheduled in her office in Chatham, NJ.

I see psychotherapy as a journey in which two individuals, therapist and patient, co-create the story of the patient’s life. In doing so, together they connect disconnected parts of the self, acknowledge and resolve internal conflicts, work through old losses, and discover new options for leading a more purposeful and meaningful life.

D. W. Winnicott theorized that in the potential space between the inner and outer worlds, between the self and others, one can imagine possibilities and live creatively. Like children’s play, which allows for the emergence and development of our identities, and adult play, which promotes the development of imagination and creativity, psychotherapy can be a playful experience in which hurtful emotional and behavioral patterns can be understood and transformed.

I use an organic and flexible approach to psychotherapy that focuses on the particular issues and needs that an individual brings into treatment. Assuming that most people have the ability to improve their sense of wellbeing, I help individuals to access the resources and understanding they need to do so.

In a supportive atmosphere, I help adults, adolescents, and couples explore their inner lives to deepen understanding of their emotional worlds, strengthen relationships with friends and family, and find fulfillment in work.


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